Midsummer Tarot Service
Midsummer Tarot Service

Midsummer Tarot Service

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On June 24th, I'm going to be pulling cards for a small group of querents. Many folk magick traditions around the world celebrate Midsummer as a time for interpreting signs and omens around our love lives, fertility, weddings, and for preparation/initiation into new stages of life and adulthood. Purification by fire (usually by jumping over it) is a common rite in Midsummer festivities, and I'm going to be drawing these mini, one-card readings with this rite in mind. What has the fire of the last few months prepared us for? What are we now ready to embody? In what ways have we grown and been made new? What stage of life does this Midsummer mark the beginning of? 

Places are extremely limited, so please book as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. Readings will be delivered to you via email as a PDF with images. Readings may contain themes of a mature nature.