The candle I want is sold out, when do you restock?

We restock every Monday, so keep checking back if there is a specific item you want. If it's frequently sold out even on a Monday, pop us an email and let us know so we can make more!

How long do your candles burn for?

12oz Goddess candles are made from slow-burning soy wax, and should last 60+ hours depending on conditions. To get a longer burn, make sure you burn your candle for at least an hour the first time you use it, or until the whole surface is molten, to avoid candle tunnelling. Seasonal candles have varying burn times, please check each listing for details.

Do you ship overseas?

Yes, we ship internationally!

I'm pregnant/nursing, can I still use your candles?

"Hera" candles are pregnancy and nursing safe as standard, but ANY goddess candle can be made pregnancy safe if you request it, free of charge. Leave a note such as "please make pregnancy safe" at checkout, and I will create you a custom blend. Allow a little longer for delivery.

I have allergies, can I still use your candles?

If you are concerned about allergens and want to know if a candle will be suitable for you, please pop me an email and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Most of the time, I can easily substitute one essential oil for another, at no extra cost to you.

I don't know much about witchcraft, can I still use your candles?

You don't have to be a witch, or know anything about magick, to use my candles! They are "fixed candles", meaning they come with an intention already attached to them, and an aromatherapy blend made for a purpose. Candle magick is an ancient form of alchemy that incorporates all the elements, and for this reason candles are used in prayer and ritual within every major religion. I take my inspiration from the Ancient Greek practice of petitioning the goddesses, but you can belong to any religion or none and still enjoy them.