Magickal, Sustainable, Compassionate

We believe that witchcraft involves honouring, caring for, and giving back to the land that we depend on for our magick, and our very existence. Modern spirituality should not require the suffering within the animal-agriculture industry, or the pillaging of the earth's resources just to make spell candles. 

All Witch Cake products are vegan and contain no ingredients that were ever tested on animals. We use soy wax, vegetable dyes, and essential oils, and premium fragrances to create our candles - never any animal derived dyes.

Our jars are made from recycled glass, that can then be recycled by you again. We recommend reusing the jar for storage or in the kitchen; they make great herb or incense containers, if you are happy for the energy of your working to linger in your home. Our wicks are made from recycled cotton.

All crystals are from an ethical supplier. Every crystal goes through a thorough cleansing and programming process before being added to a candle, to rid it of all past handling energy. 

We aim to make our packaging and postage materials as recyclable as possible, but sometimes due to the nature of glass, we have to use a little bubble wrap. When we do, all our bubble wrap is pre-used and secondhand. As the store grows, we hope to invest in 100% bio-degradable packaging.